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Hauptforum Forum: Server Thread: Hell Difficulties have also seen adjustments
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#1 am 17.03.2023 um 07:30 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Fergusson said that asDiablo 4 Goldplayers go deeper and more deeply into their character "the cost of the game's currency to respect becomes higher and higher and eventually you'll get to the point that you're in the 90th level of a Barbarian and instead of changing my build it's better to simply roll a brand new Barbarian and start again."

Diablo Immortal will soon receive its second major update on the 14th of December. The update, called Terror's Tide, brings tons of brand new content into the game, notably the first post launch zone named Stormpoint. The zone will introduce an entirely new primary quest monsters, bosses, and more to Diablo Immortal. It will also include content that will assuredly keep players at their wits end.

The Terror's Tide update for Diablo Immortal adds new content that'll interest experienced players and those who are starting out. Additionally, all servers are set at the Server Paragon Level of 320 (if they're lower than the level), and maximum experience rewards for those below Server Paragon Level have been multiplied by two. Since it is the case that Stormpoint zone is only accessible to players at the level 60, after they have reached Hell Difficulty III and completed the Starsign quest, these changes will enable players with lower levels to get access to the new content in a short time.

Advanced players will also benefit from improvements to the Paragon system as well as Hell Difficulties. Three new Hell Difficulties will be coming (VI VII, VI VIII and VII) along with three brand newly created Paragon Trees. Paragon Trees can now be available at various Hell difficulty levels to make progress feel more satisfying.

Hell Difficulties have also seen adjustments tobuy Diablo IV Goldearlier levels. The players can play together to Difficulties I-IV, and the new Difficulties are unlockable by beating bosses. In addition, rewards from Helliquary bosses has been increased to Hell Difficulty So, higher Hell Difficulties will bring greater rewards.

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