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OFFtopic Forum: OFFtopic Thread: How Much Does Burial Armor Expend?
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To create burial armor first you'll have to create normal armor on the anvil that is near to the burial anvilsRuneScape Gold. You'll then have to go to the artisans' anvil and alter the armor there into burial-grade armor. Once the armor is complete, it'll automatically go down through the chute next to the anvil.


If you're looking to do it the simple way, making burial armor using Iron Grade I is the go. It has less gold required per exp. But as we've mentioned before the process is quite slow. The cost for one Iron Ingot Grade I is 449 gold. Also, the experience you gain with 1 Grade I Iron Ingot is 101. You'll therefore pay 4.45 gold per hour.


F2P players favor this method since it has lower requirements. Iron is among the most plentiful metals in Runescape and is cheap too. To convert one Iron ore Iron Ingot Grade I, there is only one ore. You don't need coal at all.


The cost of making Burial armor in Runescape is contingent on the kind of material you're using and the grade of it. The most valuable type of material low-value to highest-value is Iron steel, Mithril Adamant, then Runite. In terms of grades one, Grade I is considered to be the cheapestBuy RS 2007 Gold, and the least pure ingot, while grades IV are the purest type of ingot.


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